About LevelSmart

Level-Up Your Pool Game... with LevelSmart™

The LevelSmart wireless autofill system is an innovative device designed to help homeowners, property managers, builders and maintenance companies with the challenges of maintaining water levels in pools, spas, ponds, water features, and tanks.

LevelSmart™ eliminates the chore of filling your pool manually and the risk of over-filling it. With 24-hour-per-day wireless monitoring, LevelSmart™ automatically maintains the desired water level in any body of water.

  • Eliminates manual filling with a hose

  • Eliminates unreliable float level controllers

  • Built-in protection against over-filling

  • Simple installation

  • No pool deck damage or construction required

  • Up to 1,000 ft. of wireless communication

  • Installs to new or existing pools

  • Optional online monitoring and alerts available

  • Precision water adjustment

  • Discrete wireless sensor

  • No autofill maintenance after installation

  • Protected by U.S. Patent Number 9,410,336 B2

The Most Dependable Wireless Autofill

An Award-Winning, Patented Design

LevelSmart has earned the distinction of being named one of Pool & Spa News’ Top 50 Products of 2024. This is the third time an H2flow Controls product has been given a Top 50 honor, after variations of the FlowVis flow meter were named a Pool & Spa News’ Top 50 product in 2013 and 2021.